17 July, 2006

Table Mountain National Park

We're going outdoors!!

Since we're based in Cape Town, we have alot to offer here!

So if anybody is looking for any hiking route in the Table Mountain National Park, just let us know! Tell us where you want to hike and we'll send you the route, ready to go on your GPS! No costs involved. We're good guys!

Send us an email at gpstravelmaps@gmail.com

No more getting lost in the mountains!


Caz said...

Hallo ryan&co

Nice site, nice blog. If I was a geocaching type I'd be v interested... Maybe you should think about holding geocaching days / tours / for adventurous tourists.... Actually wait a second. That's an EXCELLENT IDEA. Set up little tours for tourists with a big shindig at the end and all the things they collect are africanish stuff.
Ok bye

Anonymous said...

No wonder you guys have been so quiet - you've in sweating in the back rooms making us some cool goodies. Have just downloaded CT topo and look forward to seeing it in action on my 76C. Keep up the good work, guys!

Anonymous said...

If you do a Geo tour sometime in Feb-I'll be on it!!! It all sounds good.