13 January, 2014

Car navigation in Antigua & Barbuda with a Garmin Nuvi

Renting a car in Antigua and Barbuda is a great way to explore the islands and provides you the freedom to explore as your own pace.  There are many car rental agencies that provide cars from $30-$50 per day.  GPSTravelMaps.com provides a highly detailed map that will give you accurate navigation throughout the island.  Users have praised the map as being essential for their holidays.

Antigua, map, mapa, carte, Barbuda
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Below are various images of the map illustrating the detail contained within it.

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Antigua, map, carte, kaart, mapa, nuvi

Barbuda, garmin, gps, map, nuvi, travel

Garmin, gps, nuvi, map, Antigua, Barbuda, caribbean