17 May, 2009

Guatemala v1.2 Now Available

Please see the updated Guatemala GPS Map information - (click below)

We have updated the Guatemala map with better road accuracy.  The updates include:

*Added trails to Volcan Pacaya, Santa Maria and Acatenango
*Added new class of roads (Local and Major split)
*Updated accuracy of roads to Coban, Lanquin, Semuc Champey, Salto de Chilasc, Chicabas, Siete Orejas, Cahabon and Panajachel

The Guatemala map is the best map available for your Garmin GPS unit of the entire country.

The map is available for instant download at:

06 May, 2009

Mt. Kilimanjaro Topo v1.7 Available

We have made a minor update to the Mt. Kilimanjaro Map for Garmin GPS units.  This update focusing on flushing out the points of interests on the mountain for climbers to use as well as the addition of the hiking trails to Meru Peak.  All together, the map has very complete coverage of the entire region around Moshi as well as all the routes up the mountain, streams and rivers coming down from Kilimanjaro, all the huts, viewpoints, water spots and geologic features on the mountain.  This is in addition to local streets and POI's for the town of Moshi, which is the most common staging ground for trips up Kilimanjaro.  We hope you like the map!  More coverage is coming around Arusha, so keep coming back.

01 May, 2009

Costa Rica v1.6 GPS Map

Costa Rica GPS map update click here - 
      Costa Rica GPS Map Update 

The story below is outdated. Please click above to see the current Costa Rica GPS map update.

We have brought out a new version of the Costa Rica GPS map for the entire country.  This update is big in points, meaning that we have added over 5,500 new POI (points of interest) throughout the country.  This gives much greater detail of the coastal areas of Costa Rica with playas (beaches), bahias (bays), rios (rivers) and much more.

In addition to all the POI's that were added, we also upgraded the topographic (contours) to better detail through the entire country.  This is significant since our previous contours failed to provide detail in the western portion of Costa Rica.  We now have detail throughout!