28 July, 2009

New Website now online

Our website has been redesigned and expanded. The new look is much cleaner, offers more details of the maps available through gpstravelmaps.com and many more images. We hope it will offer a better experience to our users and potential map users in the future.

The site was developed and is being maintained for us by Shawn Young. We are happy to refer you to him if you need website development as well. Just email us...

Thanks and enjoy your travels.


14 July, 2009

Mt. Kilimanjaro v1.8 Update (with routing)

Mt. Kilimanjaro update to version 1.8 now features auto-routing as a map option. Map includes the following updates:

July 2009 v1.8

*Added auto-routing to a new Routable/Navigable version of the map

*Improved road and trail geometry throughout the map

*Added & Improved POI's around the mountain and in Moshi

13 July, 2009

Nicaragua v1.1 Now Available (with routing)

We have updated the Nicaragua map with more map data and POI's as well as a routable version for those who would like a little extra help driving around the country. The map includes the following updates:

July 2009 v1.1

*Added over 200 new POI's including hotels, Playas, restuarants, Businesses, etc (7,500+ POI's)

*Added local roads into Managua & Grenada with many street names

*Added major roads throughout the country

*Improved road geometry to support auto-navigation version

*Improved lake geometry throughout country

*Improved Pacific coastline geometry

*Fixed international border drawing/display