06 September, 2011

Panama GPS Map For Garmin and Kenwood

Panama GPS Map for Garmin Devices and Kenwood GPS navigation devices can be purchased here - Panama GPS 

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Statistics of the Panama GPS map:

•  Over 17,000 unique points of interest.
•  All rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands, beaches, mountain summits and more.

Panama Garmin GPS Map Update History

v 2.5 | March 2012

•  Added interchange on Tumba Muerto.
•  Improved roads in Panama City.
•  Added road names in Panama City.
•  Added oneways in Panama City and David.

v 2.4 | February 2012

•  Added roads and POIs in Santa Catalina.
•  Added route between Sora and El Valle.
•  Added various POIs throughout Panama.
•  Added more Parks.
•  Changed ocean shape to fit Central America Mapset.

v 2.3 | January 2012

•  Added roads to Arenosa.

v 2.2 | January 2012

•  Added roads in Chitre and Las Tablas.
•  Added POIs into Chitre and Las Tablas.
•  Improved searching

v 2.1 | September 2011

•  Added POI's into Panama City.
•  Added golf course polygons into map.
•  Improved navigation.

v 2.0 | April 2011

•  Added POI's into Panama City, Colon, David, Santiago, Bocas del Toro, Pedasi.
•  Added oneways into Panama City, Colon, Santiago and David.
•  Improved navigation in Panama City.
•  Added roads into Colon.
•  Fixed polygon around Isla Contadora.

v 1.9 | February 2011

•  Added oneways into Panama City.
•  Added roads to multiple rural areas.
•  Added road to Guayra.
•  Added POI's in Panama City.
•  Fixed polygon around Isla Grande.

v 1.8 | January 2011

•  Added POI's throughout the country.
•  Added roads in Panama City and El Valle.
•  Fixed oneways in Panama City.
•  Improved navigation.

v 1.7 | December 2010

•  Realigned highway segments.
•  Fixed routing in Panama City.
•  Added local roads to Sora.
•  Added POI's.
•  Added National Parks.
•  Feliz Navidad.

v 1.6 | November 2010

•  Added roads to Las Tablas, Pese, Macaradas, Guarare and Parita.
•  Improved roads in Panama City.

v 1.5 | October 2010

•  Added roads into Coronado, Gorgona and Puerto Armuelles.

v 1.4 | September 2010

•  Added roads in Santiago, Penonome, Coronado and Farillon.

v 1.3 | September 2010

•  Added 19,786 additional POI's into the map.

v 1.2 | September 2010

•  Improved roads and navigation throughout Panama City.
•  Improved POI names and searching.

v 1.1 | July 2010

•  Added roads to northern region of Panama City.
•  Added an additional 300+ Hotels, restuarants and POI's.
•  Added roads to Pedasi.
•  Improved search.

v 1.0 | June 2010

•  Created original map including...
•  Highways throughout Panama.
•  Major Roads throughout Panama.
•  Local Roads throughout Panama.
•  Rivers.
•  Lakes.
•  Pacific Ocean and Carribean Sea.

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Anonymous said...

Well I just got back from Panama and I thought you would like to know that your product was in fact very useful. Should you ever have any updates in the future, I would be interested in purchasing them.
—Anthony from the United States

Anonymous said...

I received and installed Panama map v2.0. Thanks for getting it to me. Wow, feels kind of nice to see my trails on your maps. I have a new one for you. I went riding on sunday and noticed i was riding in uncharted territory, so feel free to use it for your next update.
—Jovan from Panama (April, 2011)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your speedy reply. You have answered my questions and SOLD me on your product. I am a mariner by career so I am VERY familiar with GPS. I got my bike so I could explore my country no that the govt is promoting (internal) tourism I see on TV places I never knew Panama had! With all the US citizens coming to this country, GPS sales for the roads have sky rocketed the only thing is that not many roadways have been mapped. So far, I think you guys are the only ones who (well) mapped this place out beyond the bridge of americas.
—Jovan from Panama (February, 2011)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your help. I have loaded the new map onto my GPS and was pleased to find all my stops in the POI listings. ...now I know that I have directions to my hotels and that is the most important thing right now. I am very impressed by your company and its responsiveness.
—Al from the United States (July, 2010)