14 October, 2009

Guatemala v1.4 GPS Map Now Available

Please see the updated Guatemala GPS Map information - (click below)

We are happy to announce the update to our Guatemala map that brings the Autorouting feature to our customers. In addition, we have added the following to the map.

v 1.4 | September 2009

• Added over 3,500 local roads to Guatemala City.
• Added one-ways to Antigua.

v 1.3 | August 2009

• Created both Basic and Routable versions of Guatemala map.
• Added local roads to Quetzaltenango, Santa Elena, Jocotenango and northern area of Guatemala City.
• Improved road accuracy throughout Guatemala on all roads.
• Added POI's in Antigua and Jocotenango.
• Added local road names to Chichicastenango, Quetzaltenango, Flores and Jocotenango.
• Added names to lakes.
• Improved road geometry throughout Guatemala.

Egypt v1.0 GPS Map Now Available

This is an old blog posting. To see the updated Egypt GPS map information then please click - 
Are you looking for a GPS map that will help you explore Egypt (or Misr, the Arabic and modern official name of Egypt)? Are you searching for pyramids, medieval Cairo, the Temple of Abu Simbel, the Tombs of the Dogs, the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, or the Siwa Oasis? Are you interested in diving at Hurghada, hiking Mount Sinai, or taking afelucca on the Nile? Then you must have this Egypt GPS map for your journey to the Land of Eternity. This GPS map will help you explore the Kemet—the "black land" (referring to the fertile black soils of the Nile flood plains)—and the "red lands" of the desert!
Are you a Photographer on assignment or an amateur photographer looking for amazing subjects? Then use our extensive list of over 42,000 points of interest to photograph wadi (valleys), mountains, islands, lakes, ruins, pyramids, tombs, cliffs, mosques, deserts, gulfs, coves, caves, bridges, seas, palaces, reefs, and so much more! Travel like a local with this GPS map and come back with amazing unique pictures that are not in the guidebooks!
Don't want to drive while traveling Egypt? Then you can still use this Egypt GPS map to find the nearest rail station, walk the city streets, or take a hike. Think of this Egypt map like it was an interactive map that will guide you to your location in Egypt. For a little more than a paper map, this map will be your personal guide through this enchanting country!
This GPS map has it all. It not only has auto-routing functionality, but also offers you detail outside of the car to explore while you walk, bike, or hike!

07 September, 2009

Barbados v1.5 Now Available

Our Barbados map has gone through a small update (thanks Lori for the user input!). What was updated/fixed was as follows:
  • Added user submitted points of interest into map
  • Added additional local roads around Bridgetown
  • Improved coastline near Bridgetown
  • Fixed routing in some areas of Bridgetown on the Routable version
We are excited to keep expanding on the detail of this map and have been encouraged by all the users who have found it to be a great asset on their trips to the island. Happy travels!

28 July, 2009

New Website now online

Our website has been redesigned and expanded. The new look is much cleaner, offers more details of the maps available through gpstravelmaps.com and many more images. We hope it will offer a better experience to our users and potential map users in the future.

The site was developed and is being maintained for us by Shawn Young. We are happy to refer you to him if you need website development as well. Just email us...

Thanks and enjoy your travels.


14 July, 2009

Mt. Kilimanjaro v1.8 Update (with routing)

Mt. Kilimanjaro update to version 1.8 now features auto-routing as a map option. Map includes the following updates:

July 2009 v1.8

*Added auto-routing to a new Routable/Navigable version of the map

*Improved road and trail geometry throughout the map

*Added & Improved POI's around the mountain and in Moshi

13 July, 2009

Nicaragua v1.1 Now Available (with routing)

We have updated the Nicaragua map with more map data and POI's as well as a routable version for those who would like a little extra help driving around the country. The map includes the following updates:

July 2009 v1.1

*Added over 200 new POI's including hotels, Playas, restuarants, Businesses, etc (7,500+ POI's)

*Added local roads into Managua & Grenada with many street names

*Added major roads throughout the country

*Improved road geometry to support auto-navigation version

*Improved lake geometry throughout country

*Improved Pacific coastline geometry

*Fixed international border drawing/display

27 June, 2009

Barbados GPS Map v1.4 (with auto-routing)

The Barbados GPS map has been updated! PLEASE CLICK -


This is an older blog posting. To see the latest Barbados GPS map news then click the link above.

In our ever continuing quest to make some of the best and most affordable GPS maps for travelers (and locals!) we took some time this month and made three updates to the Barbados map. The two biggest improvements in this map is the addition of a auto-routing option for those who would like that feature (you can still purchase the basic version without auto-routing for the original price of $19.95) and a major data improvement. Details about the updates are as follows:

June 2009 v1.4
*Added 415 new POI's including Hotels, Beaches, Bays, Gov't Buildings, Attractions, Towns and more.
*Added local street with names in Bridgetown and other areas.
*Improved road geometry for all versions.

June 2009 v1.3
*Added routable (directions) into a new version, offering turn-by-turn directions to users
*Fixed road geometry for all versions

June 2009 v1.2
*Added additional POI's
*Added more major roads

The two versions of the Barbados map can be downloaded immediately through our website and the following links:

We're having so much fun mapping this area of the Caribbean that we're looking into making maps for Trinidad/Tobago, St. Lucia, Grenada and more!!!

22 June, 2009

Costa Rica v1.8 GPS Map (with routing)

Costa Rica GPS map update click here - 
      Costa Rica GPS Map Update 

The story below is outdated. Please click above to see the current Costa Rica GPS map update.

The Costa Rica GPS map compatible with Garmin GPS units has been updated again this month. Not only have we worked to improve the base data for the map (adding more POI's, local roads in San Jose & Escazu, fixing problems that customers have brought to our attention, etc...) but we have added the option to purchase the map with auto-routing (turn-by-turn directions).

This new feature now gives map users the ability to search for POI's within Costa Rica and follow the prompts of the GPS to their destination. For those travelers who are ok finding their own way to their destinations, we are still offering the map with auto-routing at the same affordable price as before!

04 June, 2009

Barbados GPS Map v1.2 Now Available

The Barbados GPS map has been updated! PLEASE SEE -


This is an older blog posting. To see the latest Barbados GPS map news then click the link above.

We have updated our Barbados map with more hotels, restaurants and roads.  This new version of the map includes many more of the major roads in and around Bridgetown as well as the major hotels throughout the entire island.

Please see the Barbados page for more details.

Nicaragua GPS Map

Nicaragua GPS Map by GPSTravelMaps.com will give you turn by turn voice guide directions to your destination. Installs in minutes. 

Nicaragua Garmin GPS Map Update History

v 2.6 | July 2012

•  Navigation, routing, and searching improvements.
•  Incorporated customer feedback.

v 2.5 | May 2012

•  Added roads into Tipitapa.
•  Cleaned and added POI's throughout the country.
•  Added one ways into Managua and Tipitapa.
•  Improved Navigation and Searching.

v 2.4 | May 2012

•  Added various POIs and roads throughout Nicaragua.
•  Fixed search issue that required capital letters.

v 2.3 | February 2012

•  Added roads in Managua.
•  Improved Navigation and Searching.
•  Changed ocean shape for Central America Mapset.

v 2.2 | November 2011

•  Updated POI's in Managua

v 2.1 | October 2011

  Fixed route to Bluefields.
•  Added roads into rural towns.
•  Improved navigation.

v 2.0 | September 2011

•  Added roads to Limay, San Francisco del Norte, Santo Thomas del Norte, Somotillo, Chinandega, El Viejo, Padre Ramos, Leon.

v 1.9 | June 2011

•  Added roads in and around Managua.
•  Added Points of Interest.
•  Improved accuracy of roads throughout Nicaragua.
•  Improved navigation throughout Nicaragua.

v 1.8 | December 2010

•  Added POI's to Managua, Masaya, Granada, Rivas, San Juan del Sur, Matagalpa, and Jinotega.
•  Added roads to Managua, Masaya, Granada, Rivas, San Juan del Sur, Matagalpa, and Jinotega.
•  Fixed routing throughout Nicaragua.

v 1.7 | October 2010
•  Added roads into Matagalpa, Esteli, Sebaco, Diriamba, Chinandega, Corinto and Jinotega.
•  Updated roads in Managua.
•  Improved navigation throughout Nicaragua.
•  Improved POI search throughout Nicaragua.

v 1.6 | March 2010

•  Added and modified POI's in San Juan del Sur and Managua.
•  Added Mercado polygons.
•  Added Managua golf courses.
•  Added country search support.

v 1.5 | March 2010

•  Improved POI search throughout Nicaragua.
•  Added street intersection search.

v 1.4 | February 2010

•  Added local roads into San Juan del Sur, Tola, Granada, Esteli, Rivas and Managua.
•  Added oneways into San Juan del Sur, Granada and Managua.
•  Fixed routing throughout the country.

v 1.3 | November 2009

•  Added all local roads into Rivas and Masaya.
•  Added additional roads into Leon and Esteli.
•  Improved road network in All regions of Nicaragua.
•  Added over 500 new commercial POI's into the Rivas, Masaya and Managua regions.

v 1.2 | November 2009

•  Added over 8,000 new road segments into the Managua region.
•  Added over 300 new commercial POI's.
•  Improved POI searching.
•  Improved road geometry.
•  Fixed routing on major roads.

v 1.1 | July 2009

•  Added local roads into Managua & Grenada with many street names.
•  Added major roads throughout the country.
•  Improved road geometry to support auto-navigation version.
•  Improved lake geometry throughout country.
•  Improved Pacific coastline geometry.
•  Fixed international border drawing/display.

v 1.0 | May 2009

•  Created original map.
•  Highways throughout Nicaragua.
•  Major roads throughout Nicaragua.
•  Local roads throughout Nicaragua.
•  Trails and dirt roads throughout Nicaragua.
•  Ferry lines.
•  Private boat line.
•  Rivers.
•  Lakes.
•  Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coastlines.
•  International boundary lines.
•  Over 6,000 points of interest.

17 May, 2009

Guatemala v1.2 Now Available

Please see the updated Guatemala GPS Map information - (click below)

We have updated the Guatemala map with better road accuracy.  The updates include:

*Added trails to Volcan Pacaya, Santa Maria and Acatenango
*Added new class of roads (Local and Major split)
*Updated accuracy of roads to Coban, Lanquin, Semuc Champey, Salto de Chilasc, Chicabas, Siete Orejas, Cahabon and Panajachel

The Guatemala map is the best map available for your Garmin GPS unit of the entire country.

The map is available for instant download at:

06 May, 2009

Mt. Kilimanjaro Topo v1.7 Available

We have made a minor update to the Mt. Kilimanjaro Map for Garmin GPS units.  This update focusing on flushing out the points of interests on the mountain for climbers to use as well as the addition of the hiking trails to Meru Peak.  All together, the map has very complete coverage of the entire region around Moshi as well as all the routes up the mountain, streams and rivers coming down from Kilimanjaro, all the huts, viewpoints, water spots and geologic features on the mountain.  This is in addition to local streets and POI's for the town of Moshi, which is the most common staging ground for trips up Kilimanjaro.  We hope you like the map!  More coverage is coming around Arusha, so keep coming back.

01 May, 2009

Costa Rica v1.6 GPS Map

Costa Rica GPS map update click here - 
      Costa Rica GPS Map Update 

The story below is outdated. Please click above to see the current Costa Rica GPS map update.

We have brought out a new version of the Costa Rica GPS map for the entire country.  This update is big in points, meaning that we have added over 5,500 new POI (points of interest) throughout the country.  This gives much greater detail of the coastal areas of Costa Rica with playas (beaches), bahias (bays), rios (rivers) and much more.

In addition to all the POI's that were added, we also upgraded the topographic (contours) to better detail through the entire country.  This is significant since our previous contours failed to provide detail in the western portion of Costa Rica.  We now have detail throughout!

17 April, 2009

New Website!!!

We are happy yo announce that the website for GPSTravelMaps.com has been cleaned up, updated, and enhanced with a new webstore. This new design offers and will offer in the near term more pictures of the maps in the GPS units, a new webstore option that allows you to pay directly through Paypal with instant download of the map you have choosen for your trip.

This is the third update to the website since 2006. Despite adding more and more maps over that time, the website has been slow in updates. This new site helps keep things moving forward.

Thank you for visiting.

18 February, 2009

New Map - Barbados!

We are happy to add another map to our collection! Barbados, the little island in the south Caribbean. This map is brand new but has already been updated once with more detail.

Barbados updates:
March 2009
*Add POI's
*Add local roads in east of island
*Improve and add roundabouts
*Add lakes
*improve island boundary

January 2009

*Created original map including...

*Highways throughout Barbados

*Major Roads throughout Barbados
*National & City Parks
*Rivers & Streams

*Golf Courses

*City and town points
*Various POI's
*Airport points and runways

*Pacific and Gulf of Mexico

*Parish boundary lines

Hope you enjoy it!