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Would you like to earn 30% for each GPS map that is sold through your blog, online forum or website? With an affiliate account with GPSTravelMaps, you can earn 30% for each GPS map sold.  We handle all the support and services for you!

Please follow these steps to become a affiliate  -

1. Create a user account here - Store.
2. Fill out the simple affiliate form here - Affiliate Form.
3. Log into your account on - Store .
4. Click on My Account in the upper right corner.
5. At the bottom of your page click on Visit My Affiliate Page link.
7. Within the Advertising Tools section in the middle of the page, click on the Generate Banner Ads link
8. Follow the instructions on the Generate Banner Ads page to download banner graphics and to access your personal affiliate tracking URL.

The Generate Banner Ads page will give you access to one of several possible banner ads for the store. You can use these banner ads within your own blog, forum or website.
Each banner ad contains your personalized tracking URL as a hypertext link which can be used to redirect visitors to the store.
You can simply copy the HTML provided in the banner ad forms on Generate Banner Ads page and then implement this code in any web page they may have access to.

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