04 June, 2009

Barbados GPS Map v1.2 Now Available

The Barbados GPS map has been updated! PLEASE SEE -


This is an older blog posting. To see the latest Barbados GPS map news then click the link above.

We have updated our Barbados map with more hotels, restaurants and roads.  This new version of the map includes many more of the major roads in and around Bridgetown as well as the major hotels throughout the entire island.

Please see the Barbados page for more details.


Anonymous said...

I'm new to the whole GPS thing. Will this show me where certain restaurants are, etc, or just roads/directions?

Aaron said...

The map offers roads but also hotels, towns, beaches and some (not all) restaurants in Barbados. The detail is far better then what Garmin offers in their standard maps for their gps units. Email us if you have more questions or post here. Happy to help.