14 October, 2009

Egypt v1.0 GPS Map Now Available

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Are you looking for a GPS map that will help you explore Egypt (or Misr, the Arabic and modern official name of Egypt)? Are you searching for pyramids, medieval Cairo, the Temple of Abu Simbel, the Tombs of the Dogs, the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, or the Siwa Oasis? Are you interested in diving at Hurghada, hiking Mount Sinai, or taking afelucca on the Nile? Then you must have this Egypt GPS map for your journey to the Land of Eternity. This GPS map will help you explore the Kemet—the "black land" (referring to the fertile black soils of the Nile flood plains)—and the "red lands" of the desert!
Are you a Photographer on assignment or an amateur photographer looking for amazing subjects? Then use our extensive list of over 42,000 points of interest to photograph wadi (valleys), mountains, islands, lakes, ruins, pyramids, tombs, cliffs, mosques, deserts, gulfs, coves, caves, bridges, seas, palaces, reefs, and so much more! Travel like a local with this GPS map and come back with amazing unique pictures that are not in the guidebooks!
Don't want to drive while traveling Egypt? Then you can still use this Egypt GPS map to find the nearest rail station, walk the city streets, or take a hike. Think of this Egypt map like it was an interactive map that will guide you to your location in Egypt. For a little more than a paper map, this map will be your personal guide through this enchanting country!
This GPS map has it all. It not only has auto-routing functionality, but also offers you detail outside of the car to explore while you walk, bike, or hike!

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