31 July, 2012

Mini Cooper icons free download for Garmin GPS navigation

All you Mini Cooper S, John Cooper Works, Coupe, Clubman, Convertible, Countryman, JustACooper, Mini Cooper D, Mini Cooper E, Mini One owners out there, take a look...

Garmin GPS navigation device owners can change the car icon used in navigation.

Watch this video to see the Mini Cooper icon on a Garmin:   http://youtu.be/-ZxmwO-iJWo?t=51s

How to change the icon:
  1. Use a USB cable and connect to your Nuvi to your computer.
  2. Navigate to the Garmin \ Vehicles directory, you should see other srf files there.
  3. Copy your new MINI (or other srf) file to this directory.
  4. Safely remove your Nuvi from the computer.
  5. Power on your Nuvi.
  6. Select to Tools, Settings, Map, Vehicle
  7. Use the scroll arrows to find you new vehicle icon and select OK..
  8. Enjoy navigating with your MINI icon in your MINI

Here are the links to the files you'll need, arranged by color. 

Black MINI


Dark Blue MINI

Dark Silver MINI

Electric Blue MINI


Hot Orange MINI

JCW Stripe

Laser Blue MINI

NightFire Red MINI

Pepper White MINI

Purple MINI


Silver MINI

Yellow MINI

Our post on how to download other vehicles for your Garmin screen: http://www.gpstm-blog.com/2012/07/how-to-garmin-nuvi-custom-vehicles.html

Thanks to 
Nathan on the Motoring Alliance.com forum for posting this and BBCooper for the files. 

source: http://www.motoringalliance.com/library/nav-systems-20/garmin-srf-files---change-the-icon-on-your-garmin-nav-90/#ixzz22E1oGRsA

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