05 June, 2012

GPSTravelMaps Review Costa Rica

GPSTravelMaps Customer Review
by Cynthia Johnson

Costa Rica has been calling to us for a bout 4 years. We finally took a month in February, rented a car, bought a Costa Rica GPS map by GPSTravelMaps and headed on our way. We landed in Liberia and had decided to travel to Arenal Mountain, see the town of Grecia just north of San Jose, and then head to the Pacific Coast. We started our beach adventure in Nosara and drove all the way up to the Nicaragua border. We stayed in rental homes and hotels about 2 to 3 days and then went on our way. We found this just perfect for seeing the countryside while still enjoying a few nights in one place. There is absolutely no way we could have had a wonderful trip without the Costa Rica GPS map from GPSTravelMaps. Costa Rica has few paved roads and fewer road signs...getting lost is a real problem if you do not have a GPS system to tell you if you are close to your destination or have already passed it. Costa Rica is lovely, so go and enjoy...just be sure to bring your GPS Travel Maps ! "

..."we were glad to find our hotels without any problems..." - Cynthia Johnson

                                 "Thanks for your good work on the maps"! - Cynthia Johnson

"We could not have completed our trip without them and getting lost would have been such a waste of time and such a source of frustration"! - Cynthia Johnson

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