09 August, 2012

Jamaa el Fna GPS Map Driving Directions Marrakesh Morocco

See the famous snake charmers in Jemaa el Fna
The Jemaa el Fna (Djemaa el Fna) square/market is a site you just can't miss in Morocco. Pictures don't really do it justice. You have to immerse yourself in the massive open space and take in the smells, sounds and sights. Marrakesh is full of tourist attractions and the Jemaa el Fna market should be a tourist's first stop.


GPS Travel Maps has a GPS map for Morocco that will give you driving directions to Jemaa el Fna. You definitely don't want to get lost driving around the ancient roads in Marrakesh - GPS Travel Maps will get you there safely. The maps have voice guidance and on screen directions/maps, so it is a fully function GPS navigation system.

The maps are available on any Garmin unit or any iPhone. Garmin users can purchase a memory card with the maps and simply insert the card into the device. iPhone users can find the map in iTunes.

Drive safely in Morocco with GPS Travel Maps there to help you!



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