22 June, 2009

Costa Rica v1.8 GPS Map (with routing)

Costa Rica GPS map update click here - 
      Costa Rica GPS Map Update 

The story below is outdated. Please click above to see the current Costa Rica GPS map update.

The Costa Rica GPS map compatible with Garmin GPS units has been updated again this month. Not only have we worked to improve the base data for the map (adding more POI's, local roads in San Jose & Escazu, fixing problems that customers have brought to our attention, etc...) but we have added the option to purchase the map with auto-routing (turn-by-turn directions).

This new feature now gives map users the ability to search for POI's within Costa Rica and follow the prompts of the GPS to their destination. For those travelers who are ok finding their own way to their destinations, we are still offering the map with auto-routing at the same affordable price as before!


Anonymous said...

Hi, you work is great, but, for when the map of El Salvador will be ready?
Sorry for my bad english, thanks!

Aaron said...

We have recently released Nicaragua routable and are hard at work on Guatemala Routable at the moment. The plan is to get El Salvador and Belize released next with Honduras and Panama following as soon as possible afterwards.

Please send us an email if you would like to be notified when El Salvador is ready.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your rapid response Aaron, my e-mail is billy_argueta@hotmail.com, i´ll be waiting. Thanx again!!

Willliam said...

my e-mail is billy_argueta@hotmail.com, i´ll be waiting for the map, thanks again!