09 May, 2012

Installing Multiple Maps Garmin Basecamp

Instructions for loading multiple maps to your Garmin GPS Device

 After purchasing your map from GPSTravelMaps.com, follow the download instructions (click here). When you get to Step 3 and are loading the map to your GPS do the following:

1. Open Basecamp
2. Plug in your GPS
3. Choose one of the maps you would like to install from the toggle bar at the top of the screen.
4. Right click on the folder called ALL DATA beneath the GPS unit in your library. Choose the options to INSTALL MAPS ON YOUR GPS
5. MapInstall Wizard will appear on your screen. Choose NEXT then NO
6. You will now see a preview of the map. You will need to click on the map to select it (turns pink) to transfer to GPS.
7. To select another map find the toggle bar at the bottom of the screen. (It is highlighted yellow in the screenshot below). Choose the name of the other map you would like to install on your GPS.

8. You will now see a preview of the other map. Click on the image to select the map. (It will turn pink). If you have more maps you would like to install select them from the toggle menu at the bottom and repeat this step.
9. When all of the maps you desire have been selected click NEXT, then FINISH
10. You should receive a message that the data was successfully sent.

Available GPS maps for your Garmin device. Click on then name of the country to see more information. 

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