08 October, 2013

Costa Rica GPS Map - Customers love it!

GPSTravelMaps offers the BEST GPS map for Costa Rica, our customers agree!
Doug from Canada wrote in Sept 2013 "Have some  friends who recommended this company to buy the road maps of Costa Rica. For the most part it is accurate but there are still mapping updates that are required. (this is noted from using there last years mapping)  However it is currently the best one out there by far.  Company is easy to deal with and seem to be improving there product as they go."

Colleen from Colorado, USA wrote in Aug 2013: "Thanks for the excellent map! It was a great help. I am impressed with the amount of info on it. We got lost going to a beach. We were in the middle of nowhere and it showed us a "road" we wouldn't have seen. I don't think it had been used in a while and I know why! We were happy we had rented a 4WD. The road followed the map exactly and we found our way out of the wilderness! It was a great adventure. I would be happy to write a positive review on any site. So happy we purchased it. Definitely a better product than Garmin's map. We hope to do more traveling in the future and now we know where we will purchase our maps. Thanks again. Pura Vida"

Ivan from British Columbia, Canada wrote in May, 2013: "Excellent and very fast customer service. Would not travel to Costa Rica with out it. In general, GARMIN is not as accurate as TOM TOM (TOM TOM does not have update maps :), and satellites could be a bit slow in jungle, so being of 100m is not problem of map - once this is taken to consideration, it is well worth it to have it." 

GPSTravelMaps began creating, updating selling the Costa Rica GPS Map in January 2008 and has continued to provide updates to customers on an almost monthly basis!  The map is truly essential in your adventures in Costa Rica.  If you are traveling further abroad, don't forget to check out our Central America map as well.

Map in action in Costa Rica

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