29 October, 2013

Dominica GPS Map - Garmin, TomTom, Magellan

GPSTravelMaps offers a complete map of the commonwealth of Dominica.  The latest map update includes over 42 km of new roads as well as extensive detail in hiking trails.  Dominica is well known for both its hiking and also its diving locations.  The map is currently available on the Garmin GPS platform.  If you have a TomTom or Magellan GPS you can receive a 10% discount until we are able to provide maps on those platforms.  Contact support for more information.

The map is available to purchase online through our secure webstore.

Dominica, GPS, Map

Below are various screenshots of the Dominica GPS map in Garmin Basecamp.
GPS, Dominica, Map, Caribbean, Mapa, Carte, Garmin, TomTom
Island of Dominica

Nuvi, Garmin, etrex, Magellan, TomTom, Dominica, GPS, Map
Portsmouth region of Dominica

Car, Scooter, Rental, GPS, Map, Mapa, Carte, Karte, Nuvi, Garmin
Car navigation in Dominica

Map, GPS, Garmin
Roseau, Dominica GPS map

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