24 March, 2014

5 Reasons to Visit Guatemala This Year (1 of 5)

#1 - Semana Santa (Holy Week)

#HolyWeek is a wonderful time to visit #Guatemala. It is a time of great religious and cultural expression and therefore the perfect time to see the people of Guatemala in action. Beginning Ash Wednesday, processions leave from multiple churches (a partial list is available here) and follow colorful “alfombras” through the city, carrying their Christ figure.

A procession following beautiful Alfombras.
Image from: http://www.adesca.org.gt/gestores/blog/?p=3833

Experience the Easter season in a unique and uplifting way this year in Guatemala!

Thousands of visitors come to Guatemala for Semana Santa, so you’ll want to get your travel plans in place now. Before you go, get your GPS map here.

Our Guatemala map features:

    A screen capture from our Guatemala map.

  • Over 20,000 kilometers of highways, major roads and residential streets, with turn-by-turn voice guided directions.
  • Over 30,000 unique points of interest (e.g., shops, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, parks, airports).
  • Fully detailed with all rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands, beaches, volcanos, mountain summits, golf courses, parks, airports, cemeteries, etc. are included in the map!
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