25 March, 2014

5 Reasons to Visit Guatemala This Year (2 of 5)

#2 - Tikal

There are over 100 known Mayan sites in #Guatemala, and a serious lover of Mayan culture will try to visit them all. But for everyone else, if you're only going to see one Mayan city, it has to be #Tikal. Tikal National Park has more than 3,000 structures in about six square miles. These structures include temples, ball courts, terraces, palaces, plazas, and steam baths, among others. Tikal was the largest city and capitol (home to an estimated 100,000 people) of the Mayan world from about 200 A.D until 900 A.D., when it was mysteriously abandoned. 

File:Tikal mayan ruins 2009.jpg
By chensiyuan (chensiyuan) via Wikimedia Commons

#Naturalists are also drawn to Tikal for the amazing flora and fauna. Monkeys, parrots, macaw, deer, peccary, coatimundi, ocelots, and many other forms of animal life, including an occasional jaguar, can be seen in the jungles surrounding Tikal. With it's combination of natural beauty and archaeological marvels, it's no wonder that this @UNESCO Heritage site tops many people's bucket lists.

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