19 June, 2014

4 Tips to Protecting Your Valuables While Traveling

Make it hard for pickpockets to get your stuff.
Traveling opens people to enriching and exciting experiences on adventures through new and unknown worlds. Although there is one experience you don’t want to have as a traveler; theft. While taking in all the sights of a new country tourists become the main attraction for pickpockets and thieves. Protect your stuff while traveling with these helpful tips.

Do not put valuable items in easily accessible pockets. Using pockets on the outside of suitcases or backpacks makes you a prime suspect for getting ripped off. Bury extra money, electronics and other treasures inside your luggage.

Electronics make travelers easy targets. If you decide to bring electronics such as cameras, laptops or tablets with you, store them in disguised bags. Carry your camera or laptop in a backpack, rather than a camera or laptop case.

Keep hard to replace valuables on you at all times.
When traveling by bus, shuttle, train, or plane put your valuable items in a small bag that you keep with you at all times. Important things to have on your person are credit cards, your I.D. and prescription medicine, as these will be the hardest to replace. Then think about keeping electronics such as cameras, tablets and laptops with you as well. Watch the people handling your luggage. While they may seem trustworthy, they have the easiest access to your luggage.

Most importantly always know where you are going. Being sure of your location will keep you from getting in dangerous situations. Pick up maps from locations all over the world at GPSTravel, and travel safely.

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