04 June, 2014

The Culinary Delights of El Salvador

Surf all day on world class surf breaks, and dance
 into the night at El Tunco beach, El Salvador.
Enjoy fresh fish tacos with locally
caught fish at Taco Guanaco. 
Finding food in El Salvador is always an adventure. Whether you’re eating with the woman selling grilled corn from her house, or at an Indian restaurant in San Salvador, there are many food experiences to be had in the small country of El Salvador.

The best place for eclectic eats in El Salvador are the restaurants in El Tunco. This small surf town is becoming increasingly popular amongst travelers and surfers alike. Eating in El Tunco offers travelers a smorgasbord of delicious culinary
options. Pick up local El Salvadorian food like ceviche, fish tacos and breakfast tipico at Taco Guanaco or munch on international cuisine, at restaurants like the Asian style Take a Wok or the Italian style Pizzeria.

El Salvadoran typical breakfast or
"Tunco Ranchero" at Restarante Erika, in El Tunco. 
There’s more than just the eating in El Salvador to enjoy in this beautiful paradise. Work up an appetite by spending your days exploring surf spots, waterfalls and volcanoes. Find all these places and more by using our map of El Salvador at GPSTravelMaps.com.

While you can find food from all over the world, the national El Salvadoran dish is the pupusa. These handmade cheese stuffed tortillas, are delicious with spinach or the local greens loroco and chipilin. Douse the pupusa in homemade hot sauce, tomato sauce, and fermented cabbage and carrot toppings. There are many locations to pick up one of these cheesy delights, pupusa stands can be found on almost every corner in towns and cities across El Salvador.

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