11 September, 2014

Amazing Pictures of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful and amazing place. It straddles the landmass of Central America, giving it both Pacific and Atlantic coasts, and has a wide, extremely diverse variety of plant and animal life. If you haven't been yet, we highly encourage you to plan your next vacation there. In the meantime, please enjoy this photoblog of Costa Rica. Then pick up our GPS Map and start planning!
Rainforest, Monteverde, Costa Rica by Michael Lanzetta.
Rainforest, Monteverde, Costa Rica
Rio Celeste waterfall, Costa Rica
Rio Celeste waterfall, Costa Rica
I zipped the largest zip line in the world ~  Arenal Costa Rica...thrilling!
Arenal, Costa Rica
Three fingered sloth. Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.
Three-fingered Sloth

Volcan Poas, Costa Rica. www.selectlatinamerica.co.uk
Volcan Poas, Costa Rica
Black beach in Jaco, Costa Rica
Black beach in Jaco, Costa 
Bungee Jaco Costa Rica
Bungee Jaco Costa Rica
Costa Rica – Tortuguero trip: a jungle paradise | Imagine Travel ...
Turtles in Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica
Waterfalls, Monetezuma, Mal Pais, Costa Rica
Waterfalls, Monetezuma, Mal Pais, Costa Rica
Howler monkeys (Tamarindo, Costa Rica)
Howler monkeys, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel: Barra Honda National Park
Barra Honda National Park, Costa Rica
#La Fortuna Waterfall #Costa Rica # Travel
La Fortuna Waterfall, Costa Rica 
tabacon hot springs, costa rica
Tabacon Hot Springs, Costa Rica
Learn more about Costa Rica, including other top destinations, major cities, hotels, and restaurants in our Costa Rica Travel Guide.

Before You Go... 

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