02 September, 2014

Historic Suchitoto, El Salvador

Some of Suchitoto's famous cobblestones
Suchitoto is an important historic and cultural town in the hills above Suchitlan Lake, well known for it's cobblestoned streets. It is a popular weekend and vacation destination for El Salvadorans and tourists alike.

About an hour northeast of San Salvador, travelers can find Suchitoto easily with our El Salvador GPS Map. Here are some things to see in Suchitoto:

Iglesia Santa Lucía - Built in 1853, the church is the focal point of the historic town, facing onto a plaza where residents gather in the cool evenings. The church is one of the best examples of post-colonial architecture in El Salvador and you'll often find the nuns visiting with town residents in the plaza.

Iglesia Santa Lucia
Cascada Los Tercios - A unique geologic waterfall made up of hexagonal columns of rock. Water flows
over them between May and November, however it is worth a visit to see the rock formations even in the dry season. The waterfall is located 1.5km from town and there is a small scramble through rocks and trees to see the best view of the falls. Salto El Cubo and Los Limones are other waterfalls in the area worth visiting.

Turicentro Puerto San Juan - Along the banks of La
ke Suchitlan down the hill from town is a small tourist center. Although there are some swimming pools, restaurants and craft sellers the main attraction is a boat tour around the lake. For a small fee you'll get your own private tour explaining birds, islands, the history of the lake and anything else from the friendly captains. Try to go in the early evening as the sunset is best from the water.

Cascada Los Tercios
Cinquera - A guerrilla stronghold during the civil war, this small town is a short drive from Suchitoto. Historical markers include touring through a guerrilla encampment and kitchen designed to disperse smoke to avoid detection. The Cinquera Forest provides 5,320 hectares of protected terrain with various hiking trails and lookout points.

Ciudad Viejo - Just 9km from Suchitoto, this archeological site is the original capital city of El Salvador founded in 1528. Foundations of the buildings are located there including the first Catholic Church in the country.

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