24 July, 2012

Jovan Vukelja GPSTravelMaps Panama GPS Map Regional Expert

We're happy to have Jovan Vukelja of Panama join GPSTravelMaps as a Regional Expert.

Beautiful San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Jovan is a 35 year old master mariner who currently co-owns and works at a shoreside job in Panama City, Panama.  He has been married for 7 years and has a 3 year old daughter and a soon to be 2 year old boy.  He is a very passionate adventure rider and currently own a BMW F800GS bike, which he take out when the weather is nice in the tropics.  He mostly rides on the weekends with a few extreme members from the BMW Moto Club (Panama Chapter).  They try to go to remote places where the gravel ends.  His non work related travels in the last four years have been to Shanghai, CN and other parts in Asia (visiting a sibling) and also family holidays in the United States and Europe (Deutschland, Spain and Finland).

Lago Arenal Costa Rica

Jovan latest adventure this year was a 12 day trip from Panama to Guatemala with four other friends.  Since he tends to travel by sea, a nice road trip thru Central America was a very humbling experience. On which he was bitten by the adventure bug once again.  Now, he is waiting for the Ferry from Panama to Cartagena to get up and running in order to travel next year for a South American journey.  If that does not go,then he already has secured a spot for a moto tour thru Germany and Switzerland next summer. 

Jovan has sent GPSTravelMaps tracks and waypoints (click here to learn how) in the past.  Panama has had an endless rainy season. Due to this, he has been sticking to marked roads lately. Jovan says "I have not sent any NEW tracks to the administrators. But, I'm up for the challenge to go where ever I need to go in order to contribute to the mapping of my country". 

We welcome you to the GPSTravelMaps.com family. We appreciate you helping make the Panama GPS map one of the best on the market with your local knowledge. 

San Juan del Sur, right next to a large Jesus statue.

Taking a break in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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