30 May, 2014

Best Country for Expats

Scouring the internet today, we discovered that one of our favorite countries is consistently ranked at or near the top of most "best places to retire" and "best places to be an expat" lists. Which of all the amazing nations of the world could that be? It's Ecaudor. We have a blog post coming June 16th which will cover specific reasons you will want to visit this remarkable country, so we won't get ahead of ourselves too much. But here are a few reasons why expats love Ecaudor so much, and some teaser photos to get you excited about our upcoming post and your future visit!

Why Expats love Ecaudor:

  • You can live on $1,600 or less a month, including rent.
  • Waterfront property prices are about 1/4 that found in similar climates in the US.
  • Household goods may be imported duty-free.
  • Mild, springlike climate year-round in the inland regions.
  • Friendly start-up business climate.
  • High quality, inexpensive healthcare.

La cascada de San Rafael, en la provincia del Napo, en la Amazonía ecuatoriana, es la más grande del país, y es imposible acercarse demasiado por la fuerza de la caída del agua.

La cascada de San Rafael

Wonderful Ecuador http://www.travelandtransitions.com/destinations/destination-advice/latin-america-the-caribbean/
Coastal Rock Formations

Canyon Steps, Pailon del Diablo, Ecuador

Canyon Steps, Pailon del Diablo

Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador
Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador
Escalinatas del Barrio Las Peñas, en Guayaquil, en la Provincia del Guayas, en la costa ecuatoriana.
Escalinatas del Barrio Las Peñas, 
en Guayaquil
Hammock shop in Otavalo Market, Ecuador by Jeroen Bartos, via Flickr. The world famous Saturday crafts market is one of the most well known throughout the Andes. The indigenous weavers from the villages around Otavalo are among the most talented in Ecuador and have won recognition and prosperity on an international level.  Although the Saturday market is the largest and most famous in Ecuador, any day of the week you can shop the labyrinth handicrafts market in the Plaza de Los Ponchos.
Hammock shop in Otavalo Market

Ride the Sky Bike through an Andean cloud forest at Ecuador's remote Mashpi Lodge. #travel #bucketlist
Ride the Sky Bike through an Andean
cloud forest at Ecuador's remote
Mashpi Lodge.
World's Greatest Dream Trips: Galápagos, Ecuador | Travel + Leisure - September 2013

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