19 May, 2014

The Cayman Islands—Much More Than Their Banks

Georgetown, Cayman Islands
When the Cayman Islands are mentioned in conversation or in the news, the first image that comes to mind for many people is that of an offshore banking destination.  To be clear, they certainly are!  The Cayman Islands are the fifth largest banking center in the world, and approximately 280 banks call the islands home.

However, as a visitor to the islands, you hopefully won’t be spending too much time at the bank—and there’d be no reason to, not with everything else that they have to offer.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
Of course, on the western end of Grand Cayman sit the capital city of George Town and, immediately to the north, the world-famous Seven Mile Beach.  Regularly considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it’s definitely worth checking out during your trip.  But what if you want to spend some time exploring off the beaten path?  Don’t worry—the Cayman Islands have plenty for you.

Blue Iguana
If you’re into the beach scene but hope to avoid the crowds, just drive until you find a beach, park, and dive right in!  All beaches in the Cayman Islands are public property, so as long as there’s access from the road you’re good to go.  If you’re a nature-lover, head to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and encounter a blue iguana, found nowhere in the world but Grand Cayman.  And if you’re feeling a bit silly, visit the small town of Hell and send your family a postcard, well, from “Hell!” You can find your way to any of these amazing locations with our Cayman Islands GPS map.

Before You Go... 

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