26 May, 2014

Visit Beautiful Barbados

Baobab tree in Queen's Park, Barbados

Baobab tree in Queen's Park, Barbados

If you look at a good map of the Lesser Antilles, you’ll notice that one island sits considerably farther east than the rest.  As it turns out, this island is the nation of Barbados.  Once a British colony, Barbados has been independent since 1966 but remains a Commonwealth nation, with Queen Elizabeth II still the symbolic head of state.  Modern Barbados is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean, and for good reason!

Bathsheba - Double click on the photo to get or sell a travel guide to #Barbados

Rock Formation near Bathsheba, Barbados

The largest city on the island is Bridgetown, also the nation’s capital.  It will most likely serve as your point of arrival, and it’s worth exploring a bit in town.   While there, check out the Jewish Synagogue—depending on how you measure these things, it may be the oldest in the hemisphere.  In recent years, it’s been lovingly refurbished and a fantastic museum has opened.  Before you leave, pass by Queen’s Park and visit the massive baobab tree.  At
least a thousand years old, it takes about fifteen adults to reach around the tree’s staggeringly large trunk.

Barbados’s most idyllic beaches are located on its western and southern coasts, but for a change of pace head east and visit the seaside town of Bathsheba.  Here, rough seas and winds have created massive and impressive rock formations just offshore that will truly take your breath away.  This area is also popular with surfers.  And lastly, no trip to Barbados would be complete without a visit to the gargantuan Harrison’s Cave, located in the island’s center.

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