21 May, 2014

Magnificent Afghanistan

Beautiful Afghanistan
Recovering from nearly three decades of war and the Taliban’s brutal regime, Afghanistan most definitely is
not an easy place for travelers. But don’t get discouraged; while this majestic mountain country of 30 million inhabitants can certainly be volatile, it is also jam-packed with hidden treasures. Travel in Afghanistan is not only possible, it is also incredibly rewarding.

Sitting at an important geostrategic location that bridges the divide between the Middle East and Central Asia, Afghanistan has long been the focal point of human trade, migration, and expansion. Once a prominent stop through on the infamous Silk Road, the Kushans, Hephthalites, Ghorids, Mughals, and Durranis all rose from what is known as Afghani territory. A constant influx of new goods and new peoples means that Afghanistan’s history is vibrant and varied.

The Majsjid-i-Jami, or
Friday Mosque, Afghanistan
Contemporary visitors to the country can enjoy the mammoth sixth century Buddha Niches, where the tallest statues of Buddha once stood; meander through the 800-year-old Friday Mosque, one of the greatest testaments to Islamic architecture in all of Central Asia; or pay their respects at the Shrine of Hazrat Ali, one of the country’s most iconic sites. Scattered across the country, you will also find remnants of Mughal glory, such as the 17th century Nimla Gardens and the Forty Steps, which lead to a small enclave in the mountain guarded by two stone lions carved by the Mughal’s founder.

Because travel in Afghanistan certainly isn’t easy, it is important to prepare yourself before you go. You will
need to spend time gathering the latest safety information in order to figure out where is safe to venture and where is better left unexplored. Luckily, with GPS Travel Maps, you will also know where you are and how to best get to where you are going.

Before You Go... 

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