02 April, 2014

Best Caribbean Travel Destinations for Foodies

Where to Vacation for Great Food?

Some of the fine cuisine you'll find on Bonaire.
Photo from www.caribjournal.com
Caribbean Journal has published a list of "The Caribbean’s Best Destinations For Foodies – 2014." Most of the selections weren't surprising. Eat jerk in Jamaica, seafood in Barbados and Trinidad, and French cuisine in places like St. Martin, Martinique, and Guadeloupe. The really interesting selection though, was little Bonaire. We love Bonaire for it's great diving, windsurfing, and natural beauty, we just didn't realize what a culinary melting pot it is!

According to Caribbean Journal, "it’s also home to our number one restaurant in the Caribbean for 2013, At Sea, and a remarkable diversity of cuisines, tapping into its cultural variety. Side by side, you’ll find authentic Peruvian ceviche, classic Mediterranean bouillabaise, Dutch french fries and Stoba stew, to name just a few."

Where else in the world can you find such a great variety of cuisines AND great natural beauty AND outdoor activities. Well, we could come up with a few places, but right now Bonaire is at the top of the list!
Another screen capture from our Bonaire map.


 Before You Go...

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Unknown said...

Caribbean attracts millions of visitors around the world due to its delicious foods. In this destination many of the hotels served the European style food as the local cooking was deemed too heavy. I have been visited this region about a month ago with my wife after my corning glass center trip. Caribbean’s rich history also explains the uniqueness of its cuisine. Its food reflects traces of the British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedes, Danes, and Americans.

Unknown said...

Caribbean is a region that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its island, and the surrounding coasts. It is the region in North America. Your blog is very nice and informative. Few month ago I have been visited in this region before my hawaii tours. I’m going to seven restaurants to enjoy the food of this region. The Callaloo, Conch chowder and fritters and Jerk pork or chicken are the most famous and delicious food in Caribbean.