24 April, 2014

Explore Saint Martin with a GPS Map

Historically split between French and Dutch explorers and settlers, Saint Martin has become a favorite destination in the Caribbean for water and land sports.  With its mild climate and consistent trade winds sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and deep sea fishing are some of the best marine activities to participate in.  Shopping and restaurants have grown in support of the marine activities and is now some of the best in the region. Getting to those activities has never been easier with the updated GPS map offered by GPSTravelMaps.com.

The most recent update adds 292 new points of interest to the map database providing you with the confidence to locate your hotel or even that small boutique shop you heard about while at dinner the night before.  Wanting to get to the beach without delay of trying to navigate unfamiliar island roads? The map will provide you with voice guided navigation in the quickest route to your destination.

Needing to relax a little after snorkling, golf or cycling in Saint Martin?  Spa treatments can be enjoyed at the Mercure Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel and Le Domaine Hotel.


Below are various examples of the fantastic detail provided to you in this GPS map.

GPS, Nuvi, Caribbean, Saint Martin
Accurate road navigation in Sint Maarten

Driving in Saint Martin with a Nuvi

Complete hotel listings in your GPS

Arrive without delay!

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