25 April, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions - SD card

Here is all you need to know about GPSTravelMaps.com Garmin maps on SD card!

What’s the difference in buying the digital download or buying the map on SD card?
If you purchase the digital download you will receive an email with a link for downloading the map to your computer. Then you would download it from your computer to your GPS using Garmin Basecamp software. Download instructions can be found at our website at Instructions
If you purchase the map on SD card you would receive an SD card in the mail. It would take around 3-5 days within the US or 5-10 days internationally to be mailed to you. Once you received the SD card you would simply insert it into your GPS. Then you turn on the unit and your map is ready to use.
I received the SD card but it is too big to fit in my GPS.
What you received is a microSD card in an adapter. The adapter makes a microSD card big enough to fit in units that require standard size SD cards. The adapter also helps to protect the microSD card during mailing.
Since your GPS takes microSD cards, simply slide the microSD card out of the adapter and you will find that it is the correct size for your GPS.

The map won’t install to my computer and/or GPS.

Most of the time the problems that occur with installation are related to computer issues or a skipped step of the instructions. We suggest referring to the instructions on our website at GPSTravelMaps - Instructions and be sure that you have followed each step precisely. Be sure that you have installed Garmin Basecamp software to your computer. Then follow the instructions for installing the map to BaseCamp on your computer. Finally, follow the instructions for transferring your map from BaseCamp to your GPS. If BaseCamp is not functioning as it should, then you can also use Garmin MapSource, which is an older Garmin software that will still transfer the map to your device.

If you still encounter difficulties send an email to support. Provide us with as much information as possible about the issues you experienced so that we can best determine the cause of the issues.  Also include which step of the download process you were able to complete. We will gladly do all that we can to get your map installed successfully.
You could also upgrade your purchase to an SD Card version of the map for an extra $20.00 plus S&H. The SD card can be delivered to you in as little as 3 days within the USA and 5 days internationally. To use your map with the SD card you simply insert the card into your GPS, then turn on your GPS. To upgrade to an SD Card go to our website GPSTravelMaps.com, find the map you purchased, and select the option on the right of the screen for “SD Card Upgrade.” You will then be able to enter mailing and payment information.

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