28 April, 2014

Exploring Aruba Your Way

Aruba, a Dutch Caribbean island located just 17 miles off the South American coast, is known throughout the world for its white sand beaches and its dry climate that persists year-round.  But Aruba is much more than just beaches and weather—although the island is tiny, there’s still plenty to see and do off the beaten path during an Aruba vacation.

Ayo Rock Formations
If you’re into geology or Pre-Columbian history, check out the Ayo Rock Formations, just a short drive from Aruba’s capital of Oranjestad.  Not only are these strangely-shaped rock formations still unexplained by science, but they also feature ancient paintings known as petroglyphs left behind by the island’s indigenous Arawak people.

Arikok National Park

If nature is more your speed, take a trip to Arikok National Park, which takes up about 18 percent of the island’s area.  Several species that can’t be
found anywhere else live in the park, including snakes, birds, and plant life.  You can also check out the park’s hiking trails, which pass through both gold mine and plantation ruins.

Hooiberg in the background
Lastly, if you’re feeling like some more exercise, you can heads towards Hooiberg, the volcanic mountain in the center of the island.  Walk
the 562 steps to its peak and on a clear day you can see Venezuela!

Although guided tours of the island are available, Aruba is easy to navigate and there’s no reason not to strike out on your own.  This way, you can enjoy Aruba on your own schedule and see the things you want to see.

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